Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Farewell to Bob Iannucci, Nokia CTO

Got back from honeymoom to discover that our CTO Bob Iannucci has stepped down - great shame.  Was lucky enough to work with Bob on a number of projects, most recently the various internal Nokia2.0 innovation activities which helped drive the 'Internet company' thinking and cool projects like Beta Labs as well as a bunch of stuff still under the covers. 

I always enjoyed working with Bob - he's super smart and knew what was needed to get stuff done. He could geek speak and get his hands dirty with code as well as being one of our most eloquent and convincing visionaries explaining how we're helping the future unfold.  He's a fellow non-Finn who spent time working at the mothership, and recently transferred back to the West Coast. I can sympathize with the regular travel and 10hour Palo Alto-Helsinki time difference that makes being a senior exec particularly tough, and wish him all the best. I've no doubt he'll reappear on our (small) screens before long.