Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bringing three dimensional back people to life

I've long harboured an ambition to do more with this rather moribund blog, and some recent conversations, together with a wealth of interesting activities going on right now means I'm going to try and be a bit more regular.

First thing I did was to consolidate to this blog some other posts I'd had in other places. Second thing I did was to invite my old friend and co-conspirator Rob Neild to join on this blog as an author - he's one of the most creative people I know and him and I have spent many hours in recent months putting the world to rights and coming up with all sorts of killer apps in this space where the internet and real world merge. The original ambitions of this blog are still valid - to report on how mobiles are becoming Internet devices and the Intenret is becoming mobile. I hope Rob will post some of his thoughts from time to time - he now has an account, so no excuse.

Third thing I'm doing is actually planning to more systematically add new content - part aide memoire, part advertising unofficially some of the things that we're doing at Nokia that can be put in the public arena, and part because I think these issues are far to big to keep internal. Rather fittingly, this post will conclude with a point to a couple of new applications for Symbian whch are the poster childs of the Internet - BitTorrent and Gnutella. New versions have just been announced by Budapest University of SymTorrent and Symella. So, a bit of fun for those with generous bosses, data plans or wifi phones and big memory cards - all those open source speeches you've been meaning to download can be yours. I must admit, I've found them a bit buggy on my E70, but imagine that'll be ironed out soon.