Monday, September 10, 2007

Your favourite 2.0 pundits?

Quite a few people are asking me for recommendations about good social networking and 2.0-type thinkers and speakers, not necessarily just from the mobile space. Most of the requests are UK/Europe, so probably makes sense to start there.

Have you heard someone you think is good recently that you'd like to recommend? Or - no time for modesty - are you yourself interested to be "on the circuit" and willing and able to share your strong opinions about matters 2.0, social networking and / or enterprise 2.0? Would be great to hear from you. Either leave a comment or ping me on stephen dot johnston at nokia dot com.


silpol said...

start with Sir TBL for first kick in
Berners-Lee calls for Web 2.0 calm ;)

silpol said...

and this is VERY good pitch, though on Yankee-goes-EU mostly but person is thinking The Right Way ;)

Surya said...

Hi, first time here and slowly going through the posts... planning to read them all ( though not in one day!) as they are very informative...

One suggestion about your right column width - it is a bit too small for applications like Hotornot - the images & text gets cut - Im using Mozilla - is it because of that? If it is because of the blog template, would provide a better experience (for us visitors)if you fix it... :)

silpol said...

somehow last link has been broken/lost - I will try again

Sean Moffitt said...

Silly question to ask a speaker like myself (so myself excluded) and European:

Loic Lemeur (France/SF)
Paul Marsden (London)
Justin Kirby (London)
Johnny Moore (U.K.)
Hugh Macleod (U.K.)

Damn I can only go 5 deep on your side of the Atlantic --I'm sure there is some very good punditry at
The Guardian. cheers.

Stephen Johnston said...

thanks good list sean.
surya - sorry - i know it's not good. i guess i'm not really got at making things look pretty - just as long as the words are down... :)