Thursday, September 27, 2007

Speaker Series: Sean Moffitt on Wiki Brands

I met Sean Moffit, the founder of Canadian word of mouth marketing company Agent Wildfire, a few months ago at one of Don Tapscott's seminars and he gave a convincing talk on the need for brands to be more defined by customer interactions - hence the name Wiki Brands. He came over to Nokia House a few days ago and delivered a well-received presentation that delivered a blizzard of case studies and statistics in a compelling way that left most people with a clear picture of some of the major changes happening in branding today.

We also had a few of Nokia's own word of mouth experts in the room (we've got a fairly active programme) who shared what they'd been up to.

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Raimo van der Klein said...

About WOM. Why is it that if people have a Samsung they have all kinds of little funny things they want to show me on their mobile phone. Smart wallpapers, adding an afro to pictures, etc. Nokia needs to ask themselves so what will people show eachother with this phone. WOM via the phone. See iPhone and the browsing through images..