Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pablos comes and stirs things up

"Pablos" is quite a well-known hacker, security expert and futurist, who I saw give a great presentation at the DLD Conference earlier this year, so invited him to come to Helsinki and talk to Nokia.

He's worked on numerous cool projects, such as OQO and the hackerbot - which drives up to people with open wifi and shows them their passwords. We had a roundtable brainstorming with him afterwords and my key takeaway was the many overlaps that exist between the murky world of hacking and the gleaming prize of innovation. As we start to launch our new internet services, we're going to need to learn how to be fuzzier, murkier and more willing to embrace the hacker ethos that Pablos and his uni-named friends embody.


Tommi Vilkamo said...

That was an amazing presentation - I thought people like Pablos would exist only in movies :)

By the way, is there a way we could get those slides (easily) synchronized and shown with the presentation video?

Don't have a perfect link, here's one:

Stephen Johnston said...

thanks tommi - another good idea. yes, i'd thought about this, and recently saw google do this with a small screen showing what was on the slides.
the troubles with the slideshare one is that it seems desinged to only have an audio overlay, not a video one. anybody got any good tips for this?

Stefan Constantinescu said...

"The Finn's are really into bit torrent." haha, this guy is awesome.

many thanks for this video. he has a point about symbian, you guys don't control it and if you did your stuff in house yet made it open source (mobile web browser, media player off of helix, mobile web server, etc.) it ends up being more robust.

Niall said...

"As we start to launch our new internet services..."

Would like to see a post on Ovi from you, Stephen. I was just (finally) checking out the site.

Do you feel that Ovi will live up the ideals of the Nokia 2.0 initiative? Ovi looks great to me and totally aligned with that. I will watch (and use) with interest.

One other thing. Since jumping ship I miss your Nokia internal blog. Any chance of cross-posting the less sensitive stuff here on 3D peopke?

All the best

Stephen Johnston said...

hey niall, good to hear from you.
haven't really got much opinion about ovi, apart from it seems a good step in the right direction. it's currently just a wrapper, and i'm focusing more on what presents are going to be in the box. charlie's the man with his hands on the ovi control box, not me.
will be putting a few more things over on these pages. the internal stuff is mostly just rants and raves that are not particularly edifying... :)