Monday, March 12, 2007

Where are the British rocketboomers?

I thought I'd create a short video introducing some of the latest web services as an introductory item for some our managers that are too busy doing their day jobs to spend time surfing the blogosphere. Then I thought it'd be much better to have somebody nice to watch for our execs rather than me - my british mumbling would not make for a particularly enjoyable viewing. I immediatley thought of who I'd like to have do this, and thoughts turned to Joanne Colan, Amanda Congdon and Lindsay Campbell - all savvy, well-known, attractive presenters who know more about 2.0 than is good for them. They're all based in the USA (Joanne being a transplanted brit), and probably out of my league for this little project, which anyway has a deadline of next week.

Have I missed any UK-based digital divas that are doing something similar? Do you know anyone who could be the next rocketboom, given half a chance (or an N93)? How about any existing Web2.0 video blog intros that I can use?

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