Friday, March 16, 2007

What in the world is WAYN doing with their signup?

I like the idea of WAYN - a location based social network built around the concept "where are you now?" - though from the loud, garish site, and mulitple flashing ads I guess I'm probably double the age group they had in mind. However, I just tried to register to check it out but it wouldn't let me continue without requiring that I fill in my gmail user ID and password! The idea is so that I can see where my gmail contacts are and invite them to use the service. I'm sorry, but what on earth is that all about? I feel bad for people who sign up to services which then spam their entire address book, but I generally also feel that those people get what they deserve. There was nothing in this service that suggested that experience wasn't going to happen to me, and no way to bypass that requirement. I then had to shut the browser down, and when I went back to the site, it had registered me, and took me to the next stage of offerings. Very odd. By that stage I was jaded. Sorry, WAYN, but you've lost me before I even started. But as I said, am probably not the target demographic.


keith said...

There's a way to opt out in very fine print somewhere on the page it says "skip this step" but it's very hard to find.

Anonymous said...

WAYN is a great concept - neat and original to use - I have been on there for a while now and they have certainly improved their site lately