Friday, March 16, 2007

One bomb could switch off the Internet in the UK?

This could be fairly nasty, as more and more of our critical functions - not just emailing powerpoints around - rely on web connectivity.

According to an article by David Leppard, Scotland Yard has uncovered evidence that Al Qaeda operatives were going to blow up Telehouse Europe, a large colocation facility in Britain that is the country's largest Internet hub. Suspects who were recently arrested had conducted reconnaissance against Telehouse and had planned to infiltrate the organization and blow it up from inside.

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Sami said...

It's just another sign of our misguided attention in terms of security. Even the generally accepted critical infrastructure (electricity, water and food supply etc) are poorly protected, let alone the Internet which is still not seen as the critical infrastructure it is.

For example, as we've seen lately, it doesn't even take a terrorist attack to cause a cascading failure of a power grid - a relatively small glitch is sufficient.