Thursday, November 02, 2006

So this is what Marko's been up to

Former colleague and head of design strategy for Nokia Marko Ahtisaari left a few weeks ago, and has now re-emerged in this interesting sounding startup:

Blyk is a pan-European free mobile operator for young people, funded by advertising. We're launching first in the UK market in mid-2007, with other markets to follow.
Blyk is an innovative mobile media channel for advertisers. We offer brands an opportunity for direct engagement with a young audience with real-time feedback.
Blyk has been in development since January 2006. As we are now finalizing our offering with our UK brand partners, we feel the time is right to go public on Blyk.

Doesn't say much, apart from ticking the right jargon-filled boxes (free, advertising, media, youth) but I like the team, and what I see so far. Will watch with interest.

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