Monday, November 27, 2006

Nokia World: Counting down to quite a party

[I've been asked to be an 'official Nokia blogger' at the forthcoming Nokia World blog in Amsterdam on 28&29 November. Will cross-post those posts to this blog too.]

Despite having been at Nokia three years, this is my first time attending what used to be known as NMC (Nokia Mobility Conference) and I'm looking forward to what promises to be quite a spectacle.

This joint blog idea is a new innovation - bringing together internals and external bloggers, and I guess we'll just have to see how it works. One issue could be multiple people posting about the same thing - I guess it's First to Post wins?

Anyway, in that spirit, here's a quick post with some thoughts about the event, before it's kicked off and we're in Frenzy mode. Impressions so far are good - the speaker lineup includes not only our top people announcing new&shiny things but some thoughtfully chosen externals such as Clive Anderson, Bruce Mau and Geoffrey Moore. They'll no doubt add some colourful perspectives to the 'consumer insight' agenda.


The logistics and technology seems promsing - who doesn't love Amsterdam?, and the ability to create your own personalized agenda and display this on your phone is cute, and works well. (This kind of functionality IMO can actually justify Flash on websites, which otherwise destroys 'linkability').

The third thing, and if I'm honest, what I expect to be the highlight, is the party on Wed evening; these are legendary. So expect light posting on Thursday morning.

As I'm just hitting Post I got a call from Oliver who's just arrived at Schipol and as excited as ever -- so it now really feels like the party is finally starting to kick off.

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