Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No dotmobi love songs from Opera

Opera CEO says DotMobi is a 'total waste of time', according to SciFi.com,

Von Tetzchner thinks that's stupid. He told me that the site and the browser
should work together to present Web content optimized for whatever device you're
using. "There should be one Internet," he says. "What if you're using another
device? Should we have .gameconsole? .car? .fridge? .plane? We don't need .mobi
at all." Besides, he says, "There are capabilities for sites to query the
browser to figure out exactly what you're using. That's a much more elegant
solution than having the user choose which site to go to."

I'm generally a one-web techno optimist, but there are a lot of people who have been very successful, and arguably delivered lots of value by being pragmatic. Many of us have written off the ringtone market each year for the past few years, as it continues its meteoric rise, and is now worth billions. But that's dumb we say, we could easily rip our own ring tones. Same with iTunes - who would pay for music, when it's free on P2P? Well, having just bought another song on iTunes this morning, I guess I'm proof that even the techno optimists can be targets for short term pragmatism, which is what I think is the key to dotMobi.

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