Monday, September 26, 2005

There's a moose loose

Story about True Blue - another good find via Jyri:

True Blue Love is a mobile phone social networking experience, designed to explore the politics behind intimate phone-based relations. Designed as a program for mobile phones; each participant enters into the program the characteristics of their ideal sexual mate, chosen from a series of preset selections. While the program is running, every time another phone comes within range, a love metric is calculated which is a representation of how close the incoming person matches the participant's ideal mate. If the match is close, the phone will emit a raucous mating call that will be unique to that participant.

Cute idea, but I can't see it taking off - surely the idea is to use the phone to solve the problem of embarassing human interactions not make them more acute...! My modest proposal would be to shift the focus onto a shared common experience, such as music, that one can happily discuss without embarassment. It's easier to say, 'So, you like the libertines too?" than "So, you are desperate too?".

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