Monday, September 19, 2005

I want to break free

From Jyri:

Three, the UK operator, sells 3G contracts but doesn't tell its customers that it blocks them from accessing the internet.
Al Iguana shares the experience: I got an amazing new phone, a Nokia 6680. Symbian 60, dual camera… you can read reviews of it all over the internet. Superb bit of kit. My wonder-phone has a flaw. a serious flaw. because I’m on Three. I can’t access the internet. They’ve blocked it. No blog clients. No RSS readers. No Wap. All I can do is visit Three’s website. A Pay website. Want to read the news? Each item costs 50p. The weather? 50p. OUT-FUCKING-RAGEOUS!!! So I have all this stuff on the phone, Opera, Lifeblog, Yahoo Messenger, and I can’t use it. Whats the point of that?? quote Three: “Due to a business decision 3 have chosen to promote a great range of products and services available via the 3 browser instead of offering open internet access Open internet access is something we are currently looking at, however, I can provide you with no definite information at this time.”

In the comments to the post it is noted that 3 offers open Internet in other European countries, just not the UK.

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