Friday, December 12, 2008

The towering room service bill at Westin Seattle

Stayed at the westin in december while there for a short trip. youch. my advice, avoid breakfast in bed.

$18 eggs benedicts + 9.3% tax + 18% service charge + $4.5 delivery charge + $6 convenience charge. Ooops, sorry the last one was wrong -- thought i was talking about Ticketmaster. Either way, these are the kind of games that give big hotel chains a bad name, and leave the innocent delivery guy shuffling embarrassed and tip-free.

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Rob Neild said...

I stayed in a motel in Banff for about 60 dollars that had free fruit, cable movies, parking, internet, and breakfast. The next day we upgraded to the Banff Springs hotel for about 320 dollars where I then had to pay for fruit, cable movies, parking, internet, and breakfast. Plus I was not able to get in or out without suffering bellboy tax. The nonsense of it still annoys me.