Sunday, June 22, 2008

Product request: car alarm fryer

Would be great if someone would invent a high powered directional-microwave-tazar-thingy that could be used to fry car alarms from a distance.

From where i write this - the intensely populated uppper-west-side - there has been a car alarm going off intermittently for about the last 2 hours. It is probably stressing out the several hundred people who are in range, hence inflicting thousands of dollars of pain and suffering.

Taking a sledgehammer to the car is very tempting, and as far as i'm concerned absolutely justified, but it would have the downside of probably putting me in jail. How much more satisfying to fry a car's innards from a 5th floor window.


Janne said...

You're sounding very americanized already - equating pain with dollars ;-)

Anonymous said...

Russian car thieves invented the opposite way, and much cheaper I must say - liquid nitrogen in small container is rather cheap and helps you destroy vocal part without any serious intervention

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh god please yes -- why doesn't somebody invent this?