Saturday, February 09, 2008

Is it safe?

Is it safe?
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Just stayed in a hotel in Berlin.

Good news - there was free Wifi

Bad news - it involed a 26-digit WEP key to get to it.

This took me three goes to get right, and at the end I was cussing and spitting like a navvy. A competitive advantage in hotels would be to make getting on the Internet as easy as turning on the hot water. Low tech solutions such as cables work fine for me, but if it's got to be wifi, a simple human readable name is surely enough.


Anonymous said...

Like this one?

Stephen Johnston said...

yes, that's the ticket!

Usman said...


Firstly, i'm shocked to even hear wifi was free! (Must have been one of the executive rooms?).

Was it 26 digits or 26 alphanumeric characters? I stayed at a budget hotel two days ago and the password was (pa55w0rd). I was more concerned about paying £3 an hour to be potentially hacked!