Monday, June 04, 2007

Real time transport mashup of Helsinki

This mashup - showing Finnish public transport system in REAL TIME on google maps is wonderful, and strangely addictive. (Did that bus break down? Ah, no, there it goes again.) As I am now living in London, I am painfully aware that such a transparent and technically advanced solution would be impossible here.


ana said...

One day we will be able to track the passengers too resulting even more addictive service. (Will that running passenger catch the bus). :)

CB said...

How wrong you are !!!

Check this out:

silpol said...

@cb, you didn't get it in first place :)

Helsinki map shows REAL-TIME data, i.e. GPS-obtained data then wireless pushed to central and then it goes to mashup

and your link is merely calculations out of time table :) apparently you've never been to Finland and don't know what is 3 min on bus stop in *wrong* weather ;)

Rupert said...

To be fair to cb - it is based on LIVE departure information (opposed to the planned timetable) - although you will never know if the train stops in the middle of nowhere due to "signal failure"...

Anonymous said...

sipol...are you sure this site is using real-time data? I sent the link around to some people at work, and they said its NOT live data. It looks live to me, but does anyone know the people who created it so I can ask directly.

please email me at