Saturday, April 14, 2007

Peter Kim picks up on Lester Wunderman's comments at this week's Forrester Marketing Forum:

    • We used to be in the business of direct marketing – now we’re in the
      business of relationship marketing.
    • We will eventually move on to personal marketing, which will be facilitated
      by the use of data.
    • Four goals for direct marketing: Relevance, relationship, repurchase,
      and retention.

Couldn't agree more, but how are the current marketing tools facilitating this? Email, SMS, MMS - not much of relationship there. Mobiles are of course deeply personal, are the broker of relationships, and throw off much more data (location, call history etc) than things with wires. So, an interesting question for me is "how to help companies use mobiles to improve their relationships with their customers?".

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