Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yawn. Vodafone partners with MySpace.

Perhaps I'm a bit cynical but is this deal the best that we in the mobile space can do?

Vodafone starts MySpace service: Vodafone customers will now be able to access and update their MySpace websites from their mobile phone. Social networking website MySpace said the tie-up with the UK's largest mobile phone company was its first extension into Europe's mobile sector

Have PC Internet services won the social networking battle. Are we going to be confined to just bringing existing web services, with all existing players and control points, to a smaller screen? I've no idea how the client will look or what extra functionality it will have (it will apparently be preinstalled in future), but I do hope it's a bit more than dumbing down existing content.

To my mind, MySpace is what happens when you take a contacts book and add web innovation on top. We already have a contacts book in the device that people love, so how about some mobile-optimized innovation on top of that? What integration will there be with your existing contacts book, which presumably already contains most people that you actually care about, rather than these other world friends, who exist in some netherworld between real and imgainary.


sim said...

That was indeed one boring announcement. What makes it even worse is that most MySpace pages look terrible even on a PC and definately do not translate well to a small screen..

Maybe these kinds of deals stem from the operators starting to partially "get" that Internet services are the way to go - only in the process they miss the obvious differences mobile devices and mobility brings to the mix.

Alexandr3 said...

haven't nokia tried to develop nokia sensor? the idea was very good, but the lack of publicity and the difficulty in communicate through bt unless the other party acepts the incoming file, makes it unpractical...

you should have a warning sound for when someone tries to communicate with your device through bt.