Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Democratizing the hardware

Given that we have so many smart people, and worse, smart networks all trying to add value in this business, it's surprising how many simple opportunities to improve the customer experience seem to be overlooked as people rush to emulate the Next Big Thing. The ever-original Martin Geddes is a source of endless creativity:

Here’s another product I want, but nobody wants to sell me. I hardly dare call
home when away because my kids are erratic sleepers at best, and it’s far too
easy to get the timing wrong. I could text her mobile, BUT that makes a
pointless beeping at inappropriate moments. [..] I want a big LED
display I can put on the wall, and send text messages to.
And a row of
buttons to acknowledge receipt and return an pre-canned SMS. “Yes”, “No”,
“Maybe”, “Yes, I still love you.”, “If you’re not home by 5.30 I’m going to
murder them all by myself.” And that’s it. [...]Not everyone spends their day
tethered to a PC screen, or is big enough to even reach the keyboard.

I think his solution would cost about $3 to make in Taiwan and could retail for $100. Clearly this kind of solution would work in an IP-world. So what's stopping this? Maybe it's not that easy for a no-name OEM to interface with the SMS infrastructure?

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pumba said...

talking about hardware. What do you think of the Apple iphone?
Personally I think It makes sense.

I'm saving 10,000 Naira every month till I'll have enough to buy one when It comes out.

Don't get me wrong I'm a big Nokia fan for now cause my v6 Moto really screwed up and sent me off the world for two days and had to work hard to redeem my image. And it took a 6020 to do it.

But the iphone is something else.