Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bumptop desktop - bringing real world back to the virtual world


I'm interested in how we can get our computing experiences to recognize the fact that most of the time we're in the real world. But how about bringing some of the richness of the real world into the otherwise flat PC experience. This project from the dynamic grpahics project introduces some interesting concepts:

This is an extension of the classic desktop metaphor such that files can beloosely arranged, piled, sorted, flipped through like pages of a book,etc. objects can be casually dragged & tossed around, influenced byphysical characteristics such as friction & mass, much like wewould manipulate lightweight objects in the real world.Bumptop allows users to use the strategies they employ in the realworld to convey information about the objects they own. another goal isto support casual organization of information in a manner where usersare not forced to commit to categorization, such as the immediatenaming & filing of documents.

bumptop physical desktop - data visualization & visual culture - information aesthetics

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